AssistedCare Home Health Care
What You Need to Know

How long has AssistedCare at Home been providing services to the community?

AssistedCare at Home has been delivering top quality services delivered by an outstanding team since 1996.


How do I get Medicaid Innovation Waiver Services for my child with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

Contact Program Director of CAP Innovations at AssistedCare at 910-763-9933, to assist you with the referral process.


Can I transfer my private duty nursing services over to AssistedCare?

Medicaid Beneficiaries may change providers at any time, for any reason, with no risk of losing or reducing their approved services. Our clinical supervisor will visit you at home to complete an admission assessment, then communicate with both your current provider and your physician to gain approval for services through our agency.


Can I split my approved private duty nursing hours between different agencies?

Yes! Beneficiaries may divide their approved hours between up to three PDN providers.