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Physical activity can sometimes result in an injury that requires physical therapy, but that’s not the only reason people need physical therapy treatment. Other reasons include arthritis, neurological conditions, wound care, surgery, or other systemic illnesses. Because October is National Physical Therapy Month, we want to highlight a couple of employees who provide physical therapy (PT) to clients in our AssistedCare community. Each of them has a strong connection to physical activity.

Becoming a PT was a natural progression for former college basketball player, Brittany West. Although she never sustained any serious injuries herself, she witnessed the recovery process for many of her team mates and her interest in PT grew after volunteering in a nursing home owned by her aunt. Inspired by this aunt and her mom, both career women, Brittany decided to go to Physical Therapy School.

Brittany West, PT

Endurance athlete, Joseph Jones, took a more circuitous route to become a PT assistant. During a four-year stint in the US Army in Special Weapons, he attended the University of Maryland to study computer sciences. After his military service, he earned a degree in applied science and while working in the medical unit of the Reserve Army, he became interested in physical therapy.

Brittany graduated from PT School at Winston-Salem State University in December, 2013 and worked as an acute therapist before doing travel therapy. Working as a travel therapist brought her to the Wilmington area where she encountered Assisted Care. Once hired full-time, Brittany quickly found her niche with a cohesive team and a great mentor. PTs commonly work alongside occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, and PT assistants. The PTs do the initial assessments of new patients requiring physical therapy and the PT assistant follows up with treatment.

Joseph Jones, PT

Joseph has been a PT assistant for almost 20 years and has trained in specialty areas like Safe Strides and the Cardio-Pulmonary Program. He also experienced a variety of different patient populations before joining Assisted Care three years ago. He believes that serving in the community is a great privilege for medical practitioners and finds his work very rewarding. He says, “Giving back in life is how we grow as individuals.” He takes pride in his work, treating each patient as if he or she was his parent, and enjoys seeing clients reach their goals.

Inspired by the many different people he encounters each day, Joseph pursues his many personal goals in his spare time. He is an endurance athlete who participates in triathlons and Spartan races up and down the east coast and in the mid-west. He loves the tri-sports and enjoys circuits, cross-fit and obstacle races. He is also a talented artist who works mostly with oils.

Both of them love the clinical side of the job and enjoy working within the AssistedCare family. They appreciate the flexibility and the team approach provided at AssistedCare at Home.

As October is National Physical Therapy Month, the management at AssistedCare wants its physical therapists to know they are appreciated. Every member of this organization knows the value of home health care and wants to empower people needing care at home to ask for a physician’s order for AssistedCare At Home. We are Medicare certified and our goal is to improve health, mobility, and quality of life.

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