News May 9 2017

StarNews Salute To Nurses- Fonda Wall, RN
Published May 9, 2017

StarNews’ Salute to Nurses recognizes the compassionate care given by outstanding health professionals. When thinking of the attributes of an exemplary nurse, words come to mind such as patience, dedication, adaptability, positive outlook, passion, confidence and last but by no means least, humor!  It’s with all these attributes in mind that AssistedCare Home Health is honored to nominate Fonda Wall, RN, for Salute to Nurses nomination.

Fonda came to AssistedCare in 2015, starting out as a psych nurse doing home health.  After several months, however, she broke her foot and could not be out in the field.  Not willing or wanting to stay home, Fonda offered to help out in the office with Process Improvement and education (dedication).  Over time her role has grown to being the “go to person” on many fronts (positive outlook).  While still holding on to her passion, working with patients, she realized she could also live her passion by “helping the clinician” that serves our patients!  She has taken over the planning of the orientation process for each new clinician, helps PI with chart rebuilds, sets up and trains on the telehealth process, and streamlines processes to improve efficiencies.  When we had a Clinical Team Manager recently go out on leave, Fonda was willing to jump in and assist with this role (confidence), and truly became the “acting CTM.”  She learned payroll, performing it quickly and accurately, helps staff work through day to day matters that need resolution, always willing to stop what she does to help a clinician with computers (patience), regulations, client relations, along with helping our team assistants to assure all coverage. Fonda is there to help whenever and wherever she can (adaptability), and remembers to never let go of the humor… which helps us all get through the day!

Without a doubt, Fonda is worthy of the Salutes to Nurses nomination!


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